NIV Audio Bible FAQs

Will I be able to play the NIV Audio Bible MP3-CDs in my CD player?

If your CD player has an MP3 symbol somewhere on it, then it should be able to play the NIV Audio Bible.

If you have an NIV Audio Bible sample CD and can play it in your CD player, then the full audio Bible will work as well.

If your CD player is not compatible, but you have access to a computer with a CD writer, you can burn the NIV Audio Bible from the MP3 CDs onto ordinary CDs for your own personal use.

What other devices can I play the NIV Audio Bible on?

The discs will also play directly in the following devices:

  • Home computers equipped with a CD or DVD drive, including PC, Mac and Linux
  • DVD/Blu-ray players
  • Games consoles, such as PlayStation and XBox

You can transfer the files via a computer to devices including the following:

  • Google Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and so on.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and phones
  • Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods
  • Personal MP3 players
  • Writeable CDs

Can I make copies of the NIV Audio Bible?

You can transfer the files onto other devices you own for your personal use only. You are not permitted to make copies for other people or publish the audio files online.

Why did you release the NIV Audio Bible on MP3 CD rather than ordinary CDs?

At over 80 hours of audio, conventional CDs would require around 70 discs, which would be prohibitively cumbersome and expensive. Most modern CD players can play MP3 files on CD, which allows much more audio to be stored on a disc without any noticeable loss of quality.

Releasing the NIV Audio Bible on MP3 CD format lets us provide it on only 6 discs and allows the vast majority of listeners to easily listen to the NIV Audio Bible on a wide range of devices.


I can’t get iTunes or Windows Media Player to import the NIV Audio Bible from CD.

As the NIV Audio Bible is already in MP3 format, it doesn’t need “ripping” (i.e. converting) like an ordinary CD. Instead they can just be copied by dragging and dropping the files to wherever you want them.

To copy the files to your computer, open the MP3 CD in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac), and drag and drop the MP3 files into iTunes, Windows Media Player or into a folder on your computer.

I have imported the NIV Audio Bible from CD, but when I try to play it on my Android phone, the tracks are out of order.

The default Android music player renames any track number higher than 999, resulting in the NIV Audio Bible tracks playing in the wrong order.

RocketPlayer for Android is one music player available as a free download that plays the NIV Audio Bible tracks in the correct order. Other music players available in Android app stores may also solve the problem.

I have some audio missing in Galatians 4.

Unfortunately the first impression of the MP3 CDs had a problem with this track. This is corrected in later versions. You can download a replacement file here:

If you have this error in the Audible or iTunes download, please delete the files and re-download to get the updated version.

I’ve downloaded the NIV Audio Bible from Audible or iTunes and it doesn’t give the book and chapter for each track – how can I navigate?

Unfortunately this is due to a limitation of the Audible file format, which doesn’t currently support embedded track titles. The audiobook on iTunes is also published via Audible and so has the same limitation.

We have provided track listings as PDF files, which can be downloaded from your Audible library as an index to chapter and book references, or from the links below: